Corporate Culture

Spirit of Corporate Culture:   Respect Dedication  Innovation  Service



Respect is cultivated, a kind of character. Respect is neither overbearing nor servile and treats all as equals. Respect fully recognizes the personality and value of others.

ECT has always been people-oriented with respect as the core of the spirit of corporate culture.

Respect for strategic partners (customers),

Respect for cooperative partners (suppliers),

Respect for close partners (employees),

Respect for guiding partners (government).


Dedication is a mindset, an attitude.

Poised with a sound work ethic, we grow together through harmonious state of development, fulfilling our duties, and with dedication and hard work, we are willing to devote ourselves to what we do so that ECT continue to create brilliant achievements and contributions.

 ECT has established a model of professional dedication, praising the spirit and devotion of its staff and forming a dedicated corporate atmosphere.


Innovation is a remarkable work ethic, a remarkable belief in mankind;

In terms of means, methodologies and content, we always look for better solutions, excellence and new plateaus of achievement;

ECT continues to inspire individual and team innovations and continues to improve mechanisms of innovation, promoting the Company’s continued growth through comprehensive technical innovations, management innovations and business model innovations.


Service is a kind of culture by which ideals are transmitted and dreams are upheld,

ECT has always held “Electrical ECT Reaches Outcommunications to the world, Service is the Key to the servicing Ffuture success” as the Company’s highest goal in its pursuit of excellence, providing global customers with gold standard, high-quality products and technical services

Corporate Talent Outlook: Creating Greater Value for Capable Individuals

Talent by virtue, utilizing virtue in the absence of talent, cautious when faced with talent in the absence of virtue and abandoning vice and ineptitude

ECT defines talented and capable individuals as those who can create value.

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