ECT People
  • On the afternoon of December 16, There was overflowed with enthusiasm and continuous applause inside the training room of 8B building, the Award Ceremony of ECT first group Leader Report Meeting was held here.Aiming to reward about a dozen group leaders who made outstanding contributions to the company.
  • With the propulsion of industrialization era and economic development, the number of left-behind children has become larger and larger, and left-behind children have become the concern of the whole society.
  • On the night of July 10, our employee Ding Xiangqiang suddenly fainted and was rushed to a hospital for rescue. He was diagnosed with myelitis and shifted to Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital for treatment. Now he maintains feeding and respiration by virtue of cannula, and is in serious situation.
  • The spring comes in full form, and swallows dance in spring breeze. On the night of February 6, 2015, all staff of ECT gathered at stadium of Guangming New District, and welcomed the New Year with melodious songs and passionate dances.
  • At 17:00 of November 18, 2014, 2014 “EBA Cup” Basketball Match and the 2nd Basketball Match of ECT was smoothly held with the whistle of referee. The basketball match aims to enrich spare-time cultural life of employees, enhance and improve their communication and cohesion, and create a positive, civilized and harmonious enterprise atmosphere. The match lasted from November 18 to December 11. With careful organization and coordination of relevant referees and department staff, the match showed high style and level, won the praise from all the spectators in the aspects of personal ability and teamwork, and got the applause of all employees!
  • ECT promotes and implements corporate culture, and creates strong marketing team.
  • In order to carry forward traditional custom making rice dumplings on Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate patriotic poet Qu Yuan, and respond to corporate call on “great care” for employees, ECT distributed rice dumplings to employees on May 30 to let each ECT staff feel the atmosphere of festival and taste rice dumplings ahead of time, and all employees received rice dumplings, tissue and other gifts, and felt distinctive festival and care.
  • In order to enrich cultural and sports life of employees, give full play to their teamwork spirit, and enhance their cohesion and pride, “2013 EBA Cup Basketball Match” was held at basketball court of industrial park from November 5 to 29, 2013.
  • In the afternoon of June 21 and 28, 2013, the company held the first “ECT Cup” tug-of-war at basketball court of industrial park.
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