Personnel Recruitment

Welcome to ECT:

Everything is connected, be it in the lens of a microscope or across the great microcosms. With technological innovations for each and every connector, ECT silently drives the community forward!

We are connected, the world is ours!

ECT creates new value for customers, interacts with the world through technology and services future success!

ECT, as a national high-tech enterprise, is the first name in Chinese miniature RF connectors, and with an annual growth rate of 30%, ECT has established itself in the global connector market with room for limitless growth. ECT has given connectors a change from high to low frequencies through action and innovation as well as new ideas and challenges from the early release connectors to extreme procession. Grounded in reality, we look to the future. ECT has always placed talent as the driving force behind the Company’s future.

ECT: Creating greater value for capable individuals.

Grow with ECT:

1: Multi-Channel Promotion Opportunities

Every year, ECT offers new employees with a variety of channels for promotion and room for growth. No matter what position you’re in at ECT, ECT has created equal opportunities for every employee in friendly work environment. Whether you’re a regular employee or a skilled IT professional or a management elite, ECT always makes reservations for ECT talent.
Sunshine, upward mobility, full of vitality, daring to face challenges head-on, specialized in what they do.We provide limitless room for growth for each and every dedicated ECT employee,from operators to QC and QA, to group leaders, from technical assistants to technical personnel, to engineers, from clerks to assistants, to executives,managers…so long as you are diligent and love to study. Within its capacity,ECT will provide you with room for broad development and channels for promotion.

2: Diverse Training Systems
ECT has always placed professional staff first, and lets every new employee go through the most basic orientation training, production skills training, production safety training, and occupational safety training. ECT always provides improved training plans for each and every employee that requires training.

Rich, diversified training: including internal training, external training, professional team building, enrollment in continuing education, overseas training and exchanges, and much more.

3: A Platform for Diverse Talent Development

ECT is a haven for all employees, offering annual, unscheduledbasketball games, ping pong matches, badminton matches, tug of warcompetitions, lectures, ECT horizon essays, Spring Festival galas - a rich andexiting corporate life. We have always advocated that “work is at ECT,happiness is at ECT”.

4: Innovative ECT

ECT has always placed creativity at the front of corporate development, and with more than 5% of annual sales divested in R&D and engineering designs, ECT continues to inspire individual andteam innovations and continues to improve mechanisms of innovation, promoting the Company’s continued growth through comprehensive technical innovations,management innovations and business model innovations. The Company has established 7 major mechanisms of innovation, encouraging individual and team innovations with competitive salaries and benefits:

Welfare benefit:

The Company offers industry-leading compensation and benefits as well as year-end bonuses, outstanding staff awards, quality role model awards, management star awards, awards for R&D,advanced pacesetter service star awards and a number of other individual awards, not to mention the collective honor award with the team at its core.(Bonuses start from RMB 1,000, with no cap)

Holiday gifts: Holiday gifts, anniversary gifts and allowances (departmental dinners,travel grants)

Physicals: Annual scheduled free health checks for employees

Other benefits: The Company will purchase a comprehensive insurance package for employees, in accordance with the law

Free Home Registry: The Company will handle home registry requirements for fresh graduates to meet Shenzhen housing standards at no cost.

 Creating room for the value and growth of capable individuals, ECT welcomes you!

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