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  • The Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province released the name list of pilot enterprises for implementing the standards for informatization and industrialization integration management system in 2017. Electric Connector Technology Co., Ltd. (“ECT”) was included.
  • 2017 ZTE Global Suppliers Conference with the theme of “Together for A Better Future with ZTE” was convened on December 9, 2016 in Shenzhen. ZTE Chairman and President Zhao Xianming, Executive Vice President Zeng Xuezhong, Senior Vice President Chen Jie, Senior Vice President Ye Weimin, Senior Vice President Zhu Jinyun, Senior Vice President Xu Ming and Senior Vice President Zhang Jianguo, etc. and representatives of globally 246 strategic and core suppliers attended this conference. Chairman Mr. Chen Yuxuan of our company was invited and attended this conference.
  • Hu Yuqing, Vice Secretary of CPC Working Committee of Guangming New District awarded our company for the “Dawn Education Assistance Program” and generous donation. As requested by him, we shall expand the thinking, make elaborate plan and propose more assistance projects with greater influence and better effect so as to establish and optimize the charity mechanism participated by the whole people.
  • Our company was titled as the “Large Taxpayer Enterprise” by the CPC Working Committee and the Administration Committee of Guangming New District in the conference. Vice President Ren Junjiang of our company accepted the award in the meeting.
  • The delegation of personnel from diversified functional departments under the leadership of Kuang Bing, Vice Secretary of CPC Working Committee and Director of the Administration Committee of Guangming New District, Wang Yi, Director of the Economic Service Bureau of Guangming New District visited our company on November 7. Vice Presidents Ren Junjiang and Yang Shuzhi, principals of the financial and administrative departments, etc. of the company received the delegation and participated in the meeting.
  • The delegation of Liu Xiaopeng, Director of the Social Construction Bureau of Guangming New District, and personnel from the Charity Society visited and surveyed our company on October 18, 2016. Chairman Chen Yuxuan welcomed them and participated in the meeting.
  • The “Quality and Faithfulness Promotion Conference & the 6th Council Meeting of the 1st Shenzhen Quality City Promotion Association” presided over by Shenzhen Quality City Promotion Association was convened at Novotel Bauhinia, Futian District on October 14 (Friday).
  • Sprocomm 2016 Annual Supplies Conference was convened at Shenzhen on September 24. Mr. Chen Yuxuan, Chairman of Electric Connector Technology Co., Ltd. and the Company’s marketing personnel participated in the meeting to receive the honour cup and certificate of the “Excellent Supplier”.
  • were selected as top 100 China electronic components enterprises and became the first batch of leading enterprises in the “13th Five-Year Planning” in the electronic component industry. ECT has been awarded such title for successive three years and was listed at the 26th place in the general ranking and the 6th place among growing enterprises.
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