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Awarded with”Best quality Prize” by Shanghai Longcheer technology Co.,Ltd

 On June 5th, 2015. Longcheer hosted globalsupplier conference in Shanghai Star Pullman hotel, with a theme of "newLongcheer new Chapter". Hundreds of the industry’s elites gathered. Theytogether analyzed industry trend and discussed win-win cooperation. 

   At the conference, Chairman Dr. Du Junhong shared with suppliers new followingchanges that have occurred to Longcheer in the past year. First, Longcheer hascompleted the shareholding reform on its mobile phone business, and foundedShanghai Longcheer Technology Co., Ltd. Longcheer will continue to maintainlong-term healthy development with the power of capital markets. Second,relying on the advantages of mobile phone business, Longcheer’s "1+X"strategic layout has achieved initial results. New business has been developedorderly in the past year, so will future business. In addition, Dr. Du Junhongalso described the changes in the industry and the development trend, as wellas Longcheer’s thinking and understanding about them under the nationaladvocate of "Internet +" and macroeconomic environment of innovativedevelopment. He also shared Longcheer’s corporate positioning, business strategy,and business objectives under the new stage of development, and he encouragedall supplier partners seize the opportunity to jointly act effectively, createa bright future together with Longcheer. 

 Dr. Xu Wenjun, the president and CEO ofLongcheer, then discussed the essence and meaning of Longcheer’s "Threeexcellent" business strategy, and introduced existing customers, theircharacteristics, and cooperation strategies. He also expressed the ardentexpectation to Longcheer’s existing and upcoming products. 

From aroundthe world more than 170 key suppliers, for a total of more than 300representatives, attended this conference. Electric Connector Technology Corp. waspart of them and award with”Best quality prize” by Longcheer technologyCo.,Ltd.

 We always pursue highly product quality andinnovations,We value the future development of our customers and theindustry.and we are willing to move forward with our customers.

 This award highly recognized the achievement we made onproduct quality,outstanding services etc.


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