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Four products of ECT, including “Micro adaptive high frequency cable component” etc.passed 2015 Guan

Recently, Guangdong Hi-techEnterprise Association has formally released 2015 Guangdong high-tech productidentification list. Four products of ECT, including Microadaptive high frequency cable component, high-reliability horizontal RF switch connector, ball protective antenna RF contact chipconnector and camera quickdispatch socket, have been identified as 2015Guangdong high-tech products through selection at different levels, expertapproval and online publicity.

“Guangdong high-tech product identification”makes the authentication to the enterprises once a year,the process isprecisely strict,which means:the declared product needs to be within the rangeof “National supportive High-tech fields”’s regulation;The technical level ofthe product needs to above domestic advanced level;The materials and equipmentsrequired to be ensured.and the enterprise can create productive economicreturns.

Earlier, our five products havebeen identified through “high-tech products identification” in GuangdongProvince. this year, four products were passed the identification  successfully again.ECT has always attachedimportance to research and development of new products, We paid full attentionto the protection of intellectual property rights.We tried our best to make theproducts meet the requirement of national industrial policy, safety and environmentalprotection policy etc.

In the future, we will continueto increase R & D investment, sufficiently apply the new technology to thedevelopment of new products.So as to fully meet the needs of our customer,andmake contribution to the society.

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