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ECT. Was Identified as Pilot Enterprise for Implementing the Stan

The Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province releasedthe name list of pilot enterprises for implementing the standards forinformatization and industrialization integration management system in 2017.Electric Connector Technology Co., Ltd. (“ECT”) was included.

The integrative implementation of the standards for informatization andindustrialization in Guangdong Province intended to promote the enterprises toform a set of integrative informatization and industrialization managementsystem, guide the enterprises to promote advanced management experience withintegrative and innovative concepts, drive the enterprises to carry outcontinuous innovation, accelerate the enterprises’ industrial upgrading and theprocess of characteristic and new-type industrialization. At meanwhile, in thekey undertakings in respect of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturingindustry and internet integration, etc., and in the demonstration engineeringand the specific fund use, efforts shall be focused on supporting the pilotenterprises for implementing standards for informatization andindustrialization integration management system, solve the difficulties andproblems encountered in the course of standards implementation and achievementand thus guarantee the enterprises to achieve the expected informatization andindustrialization integration effects in a stable manner.

Considering the development objectives and in accordance with theconstruction & development planning and requirements on enterpriseinformatization, ECT, based on the existing status, has accelerated itsapplication of information technology to R&D, intelligent manufacturing andmodern management. With “innovation” as the core competitiveness of itsindependent development, it has been always adhering to innovation inmanagement, technology and products, unceasingly intensifying itsinformatization construction and unswervingly persisting in informatizationpractice, which have thus greatly improved the company’s management, optimizedthe flow, increased the efficiency and promoted innovation, etc.

This recognition at the provincial level will stimulate and promote thecontinuous and deepened development of informatization in ECT. ECT will takethis opportunity to promote its informatization construction, unceasinglyimprove its informatization application and management, give a full play to itsleading role, and thus continuously promote the company’s innovativedevelopment and increase the company’s core competitiveness.

At present, the pilot enterprises as newly identified for implementingthe standards for informatization and industrialization management system ofGuangdong Province will be awarded with RMB 300,000 Yuan in total by theprovincial and municipal government departments respectively.

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