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Awarded with the “Best Service Support Award” by ZTE in 2016

2017 ZTE Global Suppliers Conference with the theme of “Together for ABetter Future with ZTE” was convened on December 9, 2016 in Shenzhen. ZTE Chairman and President Zhao Xianming, Executive VicePresident Zeng Xuezhong, Senior Vice President Chen Jie, Senior Vice PresidentYe Weimin, Senior Vice President Zhu Jinyun, Senior Vice President Xu Ming andSenior Vice President Zhang Jianguo, etc. and representatives of globally 246strategic and core suppliers attended this conference. Chairman Mr. Chen Yuxuanof our company was invited and attended this conference.

The conference was convened in the welcome address of ZTE Chairman andPresident Zhao Xianming. As pointed by him, ZTE embraced reform bravely in2016. In front of internet of everything, it actively sought change, persistedin and upgraded its M-ICT strategy, and promoted the sustainable development ofICT industry together with its global customers and partners. ZTE ExecutiveVice President Zeng Xuezhong, Senior Vice President Chen Jie and Senior VicePresident Ye Weimin also delivered the theme speeches and shared the company’ssupply chain strategies under the guidance of M-ICT2.0 strategy, the product’sdevelopment strategy, the industrial strategy and M-ICT2.0 strategy with thecore cooperation partners. ZTE President Assistant Anders Karlborg invited foursuppliers to carry out discussion and interaction in respect of the topic of “deepsynergy”.

As pointed out by Chairman Zhao Xianming, ZTE actively coped withcrisis, emphasized the conformity construction and devoted itself to become theconformity model in the entire industry in 2016. It held “zero tolerance” ofcorruption. Senior leaders present in the conference signed the Letter of Commitment of Uncorrupted Purchaseon the spot and guaranteed to create an open, fair and equal sunshine purchaseenvironment filled with sufficient competition to the suppliers so as to createa sunshine supply china and enhance the suppliers’ confidence in cooperation. Atmeanwhile, it requested the suppliers and cooperation partners to strictlyabide by the Letter of Commitment ofSunshine Cooperation with Suppliers to completely eradicate such immoraland illegal commercial conducts as corruption, create a sunshine and faithfulcooperation environment, a supply chain ecosystem highlighting value sharingand promote the sound and sustainable development of ICT industry.


Nine awards including the Best Global Cooperation Partners, the BestComprehensive Performance Award and the Best Quality Performance Award, etc.were set in the conference to award 75 global suppliers and cooperationpartners with outstanding performance in the cooperation in 2016. ECT wasrecognized and commended by ZTE for its long-term strategic cooperationpartnership with ZTE, stable supply, outstanding quality guarantee andservices. In the commendation conference, ECT was awarded with the “BestService Support Award in 2016” and Chairman Chen Yuxuan accepted the award inperson.

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