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A Delegation of Kuang Bing Visited Out Company

The delegation of personnel from diversified functional departmentsunder the leadership of Kuang Bing, Vice Secretary of CPC Working Committee andDirector of the Administration Committee of Guangming New District, Wang Yi,Director of the Economic Service Bureau of Guangming New District visited ourcompany on November 7. Vice Presidents Ren Junjiang and Yang Shuzhi, principalsof the financial and administrative departments, etc. of the company receivedthe delegation and participated in the meeting.

The Company firstly reported its products, patents, independentintellectual property rights, product applications, market status, customergroups, recent performance and development, etc. to the leaders of the NewDistrict one by one. Then President Ren expressed the ardent welcome to leadersof the New District and the delegation to visit our company on behalf of thecompany. He pointed ECT cannot make its achievements from its establishment toits involvement in the field of mini-RF switch connector without great supportsof the New District government. Besides, ECT would always lay its roots at Guangmingand develop at Guangming. Leaders of the New District visited the company inperson to carry out field survey of the supporting industrial development facilitiesof the company, which indicated the leaders’ meticulous concern and assistanceto the enterprises at New District. President Ren hereby extended hisappreciations on behalf of ECT.

As then indicated by Director Kuang Bing,Electric Connector Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the fieldof mini-RF switch connector as the leading enterprise of this industryhighlighting high domestic market share, which has not come easily. Based onthe deep understandings of ECT’s development course, he listened to theintroduction of the company’s unceasingly outstanding performance in the fieldconcerned for the past few years, especially, the company’s active contributionto the economic and social development of Guangming New District. All of theseachievements are encouraging. In this visit to ETC, he would listen to theenterprise’s claims and eliminate the enterprise’s worries and difficulties. Inaddition, as also pointed out by Kuang Bing, ETC, as one of the top-endindustrial enterprises at the New District, is the high-tech enterprise withindependent intellectual property rights and highlights great developmentaspirations in the future information society. The New District will continueto improve its services, intensify its communication with the enterprise, dowell in the services and help more enterprises to settle themselves and becomestronger at Guangming New District.

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