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ECT’s “USB Type-c High-Speed Connector” Has Been Identified as High-tech Product of Guangdong Provin

Guangdong Hi-tech Enterprise Association officially released therecognition list of high-tech products of Guangdong Province in 2016 in recentdays. ECT’s three projects including “USB Type-c High-Speed Connector”,“Multi-conductor and Fine Pitch Board to Board Connector” and “Tiny- Pitch FPCConnector”, upon appraisal layer-upon-layer, the experts’ authoritativerecognition and online publicity, were identified as high-tech products of GuangdongProvince in 2016 and the certificate would be valid for three years.

The identification of our products as high-tech products implied anotherauthoritative recognition of ECT’s scientific achievements and technologicalinnovation, represented our scientific research strength and the group’sinnovation ability again. ETC would continue to persist in technologicalinnovation, serve innovation, make unceasing advancement and achieve morebreakthroughs so as to make more contributions to the development of electroniccomponent industry while promoting the company’s development.

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