Social Responsibility
Environmental Safety

ECT has always advocated a public responsibility to control impacts and risks, has always promoted safety and environmental protection, and has always promoted energy conversation and clean energy production. ECT is committed to ecological and social harmony.

ECT has established an identification system to control the impact and risks of its production, which is its public responsibility. Moreover, ECT has strengthened effective monitoring and management towards environmental protection, energy and resource utilization, production safety, product safety and public health; ECT also passed ISO14001 certification on July 01, 2009, innovating to protect our green home.

ECT has established product safety standards, covering all aspects, from research and design to raw material procurement, testing, production, packaging and shipping. ECT adheres to ROHS directives, meets halogen-free requirements from raw materials to manufacturing of our products, achieving product safety.

ECT actively assumes its social responsibilities, particularly in the construction of a harmonious, socialist society. As an important member of society, ECT ensures harmony with stakeholders through its social responsibilities and makes its own contributions to the building of a more harmonious society.

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