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Social Responsibility

All Employees Donate for Ya’an Earthquake

On the morning of April 20, 2013 at 8:02 am a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck in Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province with a focal depth of 13km. After the earthquake struck, people across the country sprung to action, and the Company also held donation ceremony for victims of the Ya’an earthquake. On April 24 at 11:40 am, all ECT employees, under the guidance of President Chen and President Ren, donated to Ya’an compatriots, undertaking a great effort and gathering a wealth of love, to bring our compatriots love in the face of disaster, to help Ya’an press on. ECT will fight for the people of Ya’an!

Contributions for Ill ECT Staff

In August 2013, HR issued a written proposal: Former colleague Hao Juping is in the hospital struggling with illness. The hospital’s initial diagnosis: excessive jaundice, liver failure, poor blood coagulopathy - a serious condition!

Under the HR initiative, enthusiastic contributions from around the Company raised a total of RMB 14,276.80! The money is no where near as powerful as the cohesion behind it, the love it entails! The people of ECT are united with a spirit of love and affection!

Caring Student Event, Caring for Our Hardworking Youth:

In 2013, as organized by the Shenzhen Caring Student Team and the Guangdong Old Jinxi Chamber of Commerce, the Company enthusiastically participated in the Caring Student Event, supporting and caring for students with action and effort. The 2013 Love Hengyang, Hunan trip was successfully accomplished. During the event, 320,000 was raised for Jinlanshi School, 300,000 for Jinxi Central Elementary, and 100,000 for Xijiang Futian Elementary, 54 outstanding students were awarded with personal computers, 500 copies of Di Zi Gui (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child), donated 200 LED flashlights, 1,000 LED ballpoint pens and a donation of 110,000 for the Guangji Monastery.


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